This is Milton (for the time being). He was purchased and donated to one of our favourite charities, Smart Pups. Milton won’t be Milton for much longer as we need YOUR help to rename him.

Which famous Bronco should we name this Smart Pup after?! Is he a Wally, an Alfie, a Kevvie, a Gordie, a Locky, a Reyno, Paddy or Walshy??

🐾 Smart Pups specialise in providing trained service dogs to assist children with special needs, this improves the quality of life for that child.

Thank you to our AMAZING members for your loyalty and support of the club. Without it, this would not be possible. Milton is currently in training and will soon be changing a family’s life forever. Stay tuned to follow his journey! 🦮


CHARACTER OF SMARTPUP: Milton has been a delight to train. He is such a calm, gentle and loving boy and with the correct guidance and training he will exceed to be an exceptional assistance dog. 


SKILLSET LEARNED: Currently Milton is still practicing his already learnt skills. At his Smart Pups prison program visit, Milton had been introduced to his task specific skills for ASD such as- laps, overs, lie on and nuzzle. At the same time, he is still perfecting his basic obedience skills and gaining more confidence on his training outings.


NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS AND DEVELOPMENTS OBSERVED DURING THE MONTH: Milton’s house manners are coming along wonderfully. He now mostly knows to sit at at the door and wait until he is asked to enter/exit. Milton is also improving in knowing that the kitchen is out of bounds. 


EXCURSIONS, OUTINGS AND SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: Some of Milton’s training outings this month include Noosa junction, Noosa civic, Noosa ferry and Bus trip, Sunshine Plaza, Cooroy and many other outings with his incredible fosters.


Milton is a sweet, happy boy who loves everyone and loves life overall! He loves his work and his treats of course.

Milton has recently returned from our prison program at Palen Creek. This great win/win initiative program has been running several years. The Palen Creek Correctional Centre is a low security prison that is centred around a farm like environment with a lot of animals and new stimulation for our dogs to get used too. The prisoner handlers are very dedicated to their pups in training, and we find this an invaluable experience for the dogs. They get used to working with male handlers, in a different environment and enjoy one on one training.

On his prison stint, Milton has learnt some valuable tasks, including “speak” which is required for the dogs to alert to seizure activity. He has also learnt “tracking” to find his child if they abscond. Milton’s handler also taught him some fun tricks such as high five, wave goodbye, sleep, spin. We find the dogs enjoy the tricks and the children just love to show off their “clever dogs”.

Milton is now back with his trainer at HQ and progressing very well.

As you know Milton joined the Smart Pups team on a meeting the Broncos League Club and was a hit with patrons. We are looking forward to joining the Sportsman’s Luncheon and the Broncos re-naming of Milton.


Smart Pups have a sweet six month old pure bred Golden Retriever called Milton to allocate to the Broncos Sponsorship.


He is from our Lilly & Radar litter that were bred here at Smart Pups. He is one of a litter of eight pups. Lilly is from Guide Dog lines and Radar from working lines. Both have the lovely typical loving Golden Retriever temperament. We had pups from dark honey coloured to light cream. Milton is a combination of honey and light cream in colour as per the images.


Milton is a cheeky confident lad, who loves his outings and is doing well with his training. We feel Milton will have the right temperament for our Autistic children on our waiting list. With his natural ability to want to help, empathy and gentle nature being his strongest assets.


Smart Pups are excited about the collaboration with the Brisbane Broncos Leagues Club. The sponsorship includes changing Milton’s name to align with the Broncos and we look forward to seeing the results of a public social media poll, for fans to select their favourite choice.